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Our Volvo S60 Car Engines are Remanufactured with Pride

The S60 model Volvo was one of the first models with slick body lines and flowing looks. It was entered into the executive compact sedan market in 2000. In Europe and UK, they made a cop car version. So far it’s in the second generation of production, with no lack of engine choices depending on where you live and the options you choose.

The Volvo is a Swedish car, and it has 7 different gen 1 engine options available, although not all of them are offered all in every area of the world. All of them come from Volvo’s Modular engine family, except the diesel engine. The diesel motor is named D5, and is a turbocharged 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine. The gas engine lineup is as such:
1. 2.4 L B5244S gas
2. 2.0 L B5204 gas turbo
3. 2.3 L B5234T3 gas turbo
4. 2.4 L B5244T gas turbo
5. 2.5 L B5254T2 gas LP-turbo
6. 2.5 L B5254T4 gas HP-turbo

Before I go any further, I have to mention our Volvo S60 Car Engines are Remanufactured with Pride and pure value is built right into it. Remanufactured engines, or rebuilt engines, if you choose to use that term are GREEN products. It’s important to think of environmental issues now. Buying a properly remanufactured engine from a competent facility is good for the environment too.

Nothing gets thrown in a junk yard to leach oil and coolant into the soils. In fact the rebuilding rooms are “super clean rooms” and all of the EPA rules are followed regarding waste oil pickup and disposal, if not more. We do our job to be a Green company.

Generation 2 S60 models came out in 2010 and used a lot of different engines than the gen. one model. Going with 4 gasoline engines from the T family ranging from 1.6 liters to 3.0 liters in size, and 3 turbo-diesels ranging from 1.6l to 2.4 liters.

FYI: The T engine family are Ford EcoBoost engines. EcoBoost is a family of turbocharged and direct injected six-cylinder and four-cylinder gasoline engines produced by the Ford Motor Company.

Here is the entire gen. 2 engine lineup:
1. 1.6 L T3 gas turbo
2. 1.6 L T4 gas turbo
3. 2.0 L T5 gas turbo
4. 3.0 L T6 gas turbo
5. 1.6 L I4 turbodiesel
6. 2.0 L D3 turbodiesel
7. 2.4 L D5 turbodiesel

You don’t have to buy a remanufactured engine if you need a replacement for your car. We only recommend them for the above reasons and that it’s true value for the dollar to miles ratio. We also sell low mileage used engines[a very good value], new and rebuilt crate engines and JDM engines for Japanese cars.

We employ a staff of well spoken experts, please make the call and get some solid answers to your questions. allow CarEnginesForSale.com to council you on your nest engine. Call now.

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