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Toyota 4Runner Engines for Sale

Toyota 4Runner Engines for Sale

Toyota 4Runner Engines for Sale

In 1984 the 4Runner made it’s debut in the USA. What is the meaning Toyota had behind the name? Combine “4-wheel drive” and “off-road Runner”, and you have 4Runner. Dating back to the first model year, two models were offered. Both models were powered by the naturally aspirated [non turbo] 2.4L 22R inline 4-cylinder engines, which is practically a legend in itself.

When I think of how loyal Toyota 4Runner owners are, especially to the early models, the only suitable replacement option as far as I’m concerned is a rebuilt engine. Simply put, it is the best value we offer. If you want to buy a Toyota 4Runner Engine for Sale, call us right now at 1-866-244-4906.

The second generation came out in 1990 and there were significant changes to the engine, transmission, suspension and brakes. Now available was the 3VZ-E engine and larger brakes to accommodate the new power. The suspension was updated and both two wheel drive and four wheel drive models were now offered.

In 1996 Toyota introduced the 3rd generation of 4Runner. A complete redesign with new sheet metal. A four cylinder 2.7 liter engine was now standard and a 3.4 liter engine was optional. Both engines outperform our customers expectations for power and economy.

By 2003 the 4th generation 4Runner came out. All new, using the same chassis as the Lexus GX470. Now Toyota was designing larger and more powerful engines with increased fuel economy. The 3.4 liter standard engine was replaced with a 4 liter V6, an all new design with an aluminum engine block. The Land cruisers 4.7 liter DOHC V8 was an option.

Fifth generation 4Runners came out in 2010. Even though gas prices slowed down sales of the 4Runner, it is a mainstay of the Toyota lineup, so major enhancements were made to meet the demands of modern customers. The V8 engine was discontinued and replaced with the new 4.0 L V6 engine with Dual VVTi [268 hp,  273 Ibs-ft] and the new 2.7L L4 engine [161 hp, 184 1bs-ft torque].

With ToyotaEnginesforsale.com you have a choice, call and speak with an intelligent human being who can help you decide if a rebuilt engine, a remanufactured engine, a used engine or a crate engine suits your needs the best. Call 1-866-244-4906 right now.

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