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We Sell Scion xB Car Engines for Less

For the most part, the Toyota Scion xB was designed in full to appeal to the Generation Y market. Young Americans born between 1980 and 1994. That may be so, but lots of non youthful people like them too. It’s sporty looking and fits the bill perfectly if you like good economy along with a fun to drive car.

Not to be confused with the xA, the generation one xB was made from 2004 to 2006 and Toyota decided to keep the options within a reasonable range, KISS [keep it simple stupid]. If you were in the unenviable spot of an engine failure, We Sell Scion xB Car Engines for Less everyday.

The first generation models came with the engines listed below:
1. 1.5L 103 hp (77 kW) – 108 hp: 1NZ-FE I4
2. 1.3 L 2NZ-FE I4: [bB only]
The NZ engine family is one of the most fuel efficient engines Toyota makes, which is perfect for a person on a budget, yet wants to drive a cool, fuel saving car. All NZ engines are inline 4 cylinder engines. If you noticed, the 2NZ-FE is the only engine offered in the bB model only.

The second generation was brought out in 2007 and called the xB as well. Several body designs are available although the engine and chassis are the same. The engines used are as such:
1. 2.4L 158 hp I4
2. 2AZ-FE [Scion xB only]
3. 1.8L 2ZR-FE I4 [Rumion only, which is the same car but is not offered in America]
4. 1.5L 1NZ-FE I4 [Rumion]

The AZ engine family is also a lineup of inline or straight 4 cylinder engines, all of which use weight saving aluminum for the engine block and cylinder head. Also of a DOHC [double overhead cam] head design with [VVT] variable valve timing for ultimate performance out of a small engine.

CarEnginesForSale.com sells a variety of different engine replacement solutions. Which means that if you bought the car in the first place because you are on a budget, we can sell you a replacement engine that fits your budget without sacrificing reliability.

Not everybody has the same needs. So we offer this line of different forms of replacement engines for the Toyota Scion.
1. Rebuilt or Remanufactured engines. It’s not our least expensive option, but for the dollars per mile delivered, the overall cost is practically nothing. Plus, our rebuilt engines perform better than the original ones due to using all of the latest and best approved updates.
2. Used engines with low mileage are for those on a strict budget, but don’t want to buy a “junk yard” engine. Our used engines all have low mileage and are certified to be in perfect operating order.
3. Brand new crate engines, just like the dealer sells, but at about 40 percent less. For those unwilling to compromise.
4. JDM engines, which come from the Japanese Domestic Market. Available for Japanese cars only.

If you are like me, then make the call and speak with someone who can truthfully answer your questions and get an engine delivered ASAP. Call CarEnginesForSale.com now.

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