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Nissan Engines for Sale: Titan Truck

If you have a Nissan Titan pickup truck, than you already know what a workhorse it is. It’s built with work in mind, though it has a comfortable interior with all the normal comforts. It also uses one engine in the line only, a big powerful V8, the VK56DE.

The selling point for me is the engine. Yet a slew of other features interest me. It uses a proven chassis or platform design. Called the Nissan alpha platform, which is a front engine, rear wheel drive chassis with four wheel drive optional. It’s not a fancy setup. It’s a strong and reliable truck chassis. It’s got a strong frame, sturdy suspension and it’s built like real truck.

Some folks are starting to experience engine failures in the earlier models. Since it was introduced in America in 2004, some of those early model year engines are wearing out and need to be replaced. If you are in the process of researching Nissan Engines for Sale: Titan Truck, make sure you read this post then call the specialists at NissanEnginesForSale.com @ 877-630-3873.

The engine is from the VK engine family by Nissan, it was built as a truck engine first, then an SUV and car motor secondly. It uses an aluminum alloy engine block, 32 Titanium valves

Nissan Engines for Sale: Titan Truck

Nissan Engines for Sale: Titan Truck

[4 valves per cylinder], aluminum lifters, molybdenum coated pistons. Claims of 317hp ratings using 87oct, and using high test saw 320hp.

Being built in Decherd, Tennessee, it is really an American engine. Using all of Nissan’s high technology features such as continuously variable valve timing control system [CVTCS] and direct fuel injection. A GT1 racing engine is available making 600 plus horsepower in race trim.

More important than engine details are details like what engine should I purchase? Which company is the most reputable? Not knowing enough about engine replacement can leave you in a compromised situation, basically not knowing what to buy.

Our main goal at NissanEnginesForSale.com is to eliminate the fear and teach you all about engine replacement and your choices.

We know that an educated consumer feels more comfortable making difficult decisions, and always makes the better decision. Knowing that we will spend as much time helping you decide if a Rebuilt engine is your best option, or perhaps a good used engine with low mileage is more comforting to you.

We have other good choices at unbeatable prices too. JDM engines are a great option if you own a Japanese car. We also sell Crate engines for those who want the absolute best. Every engine we sell has pure value built into it. We won’t sell you a “junk yard” engine.

Make the call now, experience customer service and ease of purchase like never before. NissanEnginesForSale.com has been serving professional mechanics for years. Buy a top quality engine from a company that offers peace of mind. Call 877-630-3873 right now for your free price quote.

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