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Honda Accord Engines for Sale

It’s hard to forget 1976 if you were around then. It was the year for “Rocky.” Jimmy Carter was elected president and Nadia Comaneci was making Olympic history with perfect scores. Car enthusiasts remember 1976 for another reason. Honda introduced their Accord model that year and it changed the way the American public perceived sedans and their engines. The only place to buy Honda Accord Engines for Sale is Hondaenginesforsale.com.

The Honda Civic was already a mini-rock star in the States when its big brother the Accord hit the shores of the USA. It seemed natural to welcome the Accord with open arms and wallets. The sting of the fossil fuel crunch was still burning in the minds of the car buying public, and the Accord was the auto antiseptic they needed to heal their economic wounds.

The Accord followed the Civic by offering the public a stylish, high quality, dependable, and fuel efficient car to drive. The 1.6 litre 68 horsepower engine was a perfect match since most of the V8 engines in those days had 140 thirsty horses to feed and maintain. 

The CVCC Honda engine promoted a cleaner and fuel efficient experience. The CVCC engine was head and shoulders above the domestic engines that competed with it at the time. The CVCC engine did not need a catalytic converter or unleaded gas so the Accord came into the market as a leader in emissions control.

The CVCC engine was paired with a smooth-shifting 5-speed manual transmission or the now famous 2-gear “Hondamatic” automatic transmission.

Honda sales went from 18,640 units in 1976 to over 120,000 units in 1978. That’s when the engine size reached 1.8 litres with 72 horsepower. That engine had a larger radiator and exhaust system modifications, plus the automatic transmission went from a 2-speed to a 3-speed. During the 1980s Honda engines went through several upgrades especially in horsepower output. By 1984, the 1.8 litre had 86 horses and a catalytic converter was added due to stricter emission control standards.

As the 1990s approach the Honda was a full length sedan with a 2.0 litre, fuel injected 110 horsepower LXi engine, but that engine was quickly replaced in 1991 with a fuel injected 2.2 litre 125 horsepower engine or a 130 horsepower version, which was available on the EX trim model. That engine also had an electronic controlled transmission.

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