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Geo Prizm 1.6L Car Engines for Sale

Geo Prizm 1.6L Car Engines for Sale | Geo Car EnginesToyota and Chevrolet banded together to create the Geo Prizm. This compact car was not flashy or loaded with features that would not go unused. The 1.6L engine was the same ones used in the Camry and Toyota had big plans for Geo. The plans paid off and GM marketed the Geo Prizm along with other famous models. The 1.6L engine is still around and we have Geo Prizm 1.6L car engines for sale in our inventory that get shipped around the world. If you are searching for a used or rebuilt Geo engine, you’ve found the right website to come to for your engine needs. High quality and fast shipping are just two of the things each customer receives.

We are expert sellers. We know the places to call to get used engines to sell or rebuild here in our facility. These connections did not come without hard work and dedication to the engine business. Our sales staff is exceptional and our Chevy mechanics know all there is to know about Geo engines. Everything from in-house evaluations to testing is completed each day right in our engine shop. We don’t outsource this work to anyone else and we remain in complete control of every aspect. You pay for us to offer you excellent Geo engines and that’s what we give our customers.

Geo Prizm 1.6L Car Engines for Sale

If you are interested in our used engines you won’t be disappointed. We know there are various sellers that do not know what a quality used engine looks like. Engines that are cleaned and prepared to be sold to our customers are what we have in stock. No spots of surface rust or deterioration litter the exterior of each Geo engine. We even use the best sprays and non-corrosive chemicals that help engines to shine like new again. We clean engines up so good that many people mistake them for new ones. If you are interested in our rebuilt 1.6L engines, we have a separate process that these engines go through before they end up in the cars of our customers.

Rebuilding engines is a lost art but not here. Our mechanics have completed training programs and they know how to disassemble and reassemble Toyota engines. These are the very basic steps of rebuilding engines. It is the dyno testing that is one component of our engines and this is much appreciated by our customers. A visual inspection is great although a computer test is thorough. The data is printed out instantly and evaluated to prove each 1.6L Prizm engine is in fact perfect. We settle for first and not second best here. This is how we concreted our prestigious reputation.

Geo Prizm 1.6L Car Engines for Sale Quotes 

Call 1-877-630-3873 and get our pricing right over the phone. We’re friendly to deal with and we respond very quickly to any question or concern that you might have. If you appreciate technology, getting our online price can happen right from this website. Here at www.carenginesforsale.com using our quote form gives you our instant price. The cost of shipping will alway be provided to help you calculate how much you’ll pay and show you how much you have saved using us as your engine provider.



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