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Ford Mercury Topaz 2.3L Engines

Ford Mercury Topaz 2.3L EnginesThe Mercury Topaz was a Ford built sedan that had a close counterpart in the Ford Tempo. Both cars were introduced in 1984 after several years of development. One thing that each of these cars shared was the 100 hp offered in the 2.3L engine. Ford had used small engines like the 2.0, 1.8 and 1.3-liter versions up until this point for Ford sedans. The Ford Escort design was used to build the Topaz and Ford produced it for 10 years. Our car engines for sale includes the Ford Mercury Topaz 2.3L engines. Our car engine buyers locate quality engines from around the U.S. and we offer these in used or remanufactured engine versions.

Searching for an automobile engine sure has its issues. Deciding on where to buy and what price you will pay are two of the classic problems that you will encounter. When you do find a suitable place to purchase, you might be shocked at the price tag attached to an engine. We don’t believe in putting you through sticker shock here at www.carenginesforsale.com. We know the Blue Book value of all of our engines regardless if they are used or remanufactured. We base the condition of each engine from this price and we determine that we sell engines much lower than other dealers selling online.

Used and Rebuilt Ford Mercury Topaz 2.3L EnginesĀ 

The Remanufactured Engine Association published a report that the standard warranty is only 12,000 miles for a reconditioned engine and less than 6 months for a used engine. This is only if a dealer decides to provide a warranty. Most dealers skimp on warranty coverage. We are not part of these statistics. We sell rebuilt and used Mercury Topaz engines that include the expert knowledge of our mechanics. We know that anything we are selling will far surpass the average warranty that is attached to most engines. Customers searching for a replacement or swap motor around the world have high expectations for our 2.3L Topaz engines. We take these expectations seriously as engine experts.

You can get a lot of mileage out of a used or remanufactured engine that has been tested and approved. Most of the complaints that you read about online are from customers that have purchased untested engines from some pretty big name dealers. Nothing gets out of our warehouse without going through standardized tests. Our computer assisted dyno tests help us keep up our untarnished reputation for selling engines. Our rebuilds are tested as well as our engines that are sold used from our warehouse. We deal in nothing but completely tested and approved Ford-Mercury engines. We owe that to our customers and to our personal integrity.

Instant Ford Mercury Topaz 2.3L Engines Quotes

We like to keep things simple and this includes our pricing structure. We refuse to print anything online that is not 100 percent accurate when it comes to our used and rebuilt engines for sale. We use a quick 2.3L quote form that you fill out right here or on this page to get a price quote. Our experts review the submitted info and get right back to you. You can call 1-877-630-3873 if you want to do this by phone instead. One great price plus the cost of shipping is what you get.

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