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Ford Fusion Duratec Engines for Sale

Ford Fusion Duratec Engines for Sale | 2.5L and 3.0L Car Engines for Sale FordFord’s Fusion has been in production since 2005 when the concept car was first put into the design phase. It quickly became the automobile of choice for Motor Trend, Ward’s List and other top automaker publications. Drivers responded with huge sales increases and Ford Motor Company was put back on the map as a major passenger car competitor for Chevrolet and Dodge. Here you will find Ford Fusion Duratec engines for sale at prices that you cannot pass up. Our motors are clean and come with all OEM parts. We have scoured the country to bring you these V6 and inline 4-cylinder motors.

The Duratec line of motors was an upgrade to the standard 4-cylinder that Ford relied upon for nearly 20 years. The older Zetec engine had run its course and Ford retired this engine in favor of the 2.5L and high horsepower 3.0-liter. We sell you a Fusion motor that is perfect for your 4-door car. Each motor that we buy is professionally inspected before it is ever passed for sale. We make 100 percent certain that our engines are better than what you can find from a scrap engine dealer or junkyard that parts out engines. When you buy Fusion engines from our company, you are buying directly from us and save a lot of money over buying one at a car dealership.

Ford Fusion Duratec First and Second Generation 

The Fusions made between 2006 and 2012 were the first generations of this popular automobile. Ford quickly redesigned its base model for the year 2013 to be the launch of the second generation. The new and improved Duratec 3.0-liter engine was selected as the go-to engine. A hybrid version was produced that still has the same power and performance as the gasoline version of the 3.0L. You will find all of these Ford Fusion Duratec engines for sale in our massive car engines inventory. Part of what we do when selecting and engine to sell to you includes our inspection and testing process. We put each engine through a series of visual and computer controlled tests to weed out any engines that have hidden problems.

The weight of these engines is not a problem when we go to ship  your engine. Our staff is trained and handles each engine with extreme caution. We take the approach as if the Fusion engines we sell are going into our own cars. What you won’t find is a beat up engine that has blown gaskets, oil leakage or valve cover problems like some motors that you can find on eBay have. We sell Ford car and truck engines to you the right way and make sure you are totally happy as a driver and a person. We don’t let you waste your money on something that will fail in 90 days.

Get Our Ford Fusion Duratec Engines for Sale Price

Give us a minute or two of your time and we’ll give you the lowest Fusion engine price you can find. Call us at 1-877-630-3873. Want an online Fusion motor price? No problem. Just type the requested information into our quote form and keep your eyes on your email for our price. We don’t make it hard to get the great deal that you want. Get a Duratec engine from us today.

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