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Ford Crown Victoria Engines For Sale

The Ford Crown Victoria was first offered in 1955 and 1956. It lay dormant until 1992 when Ford re-introduced it, built on a Lincoln Town Car chassis. It is and was a full sized luxury car using a front engine-rear wheel drive setup. If you are interested in Ford Crown Victoria Engines For Sale, lets make it easy.

Realistically, the 1955 and ’56 models were not really 1st generation cars. When Ford reintroduced it in 1992, it was dubbed a 1st generation Crown Victoria, and ran until 1997. It was the first Ford product to make extensive use of the 4.6 liter SOHC Modular V8 engine.

The Modular engine family consists of OHC V8 engines and V10 engines. There is a vast range of Modular engines, which is why you need to deal with a professional to get the right engine. When I say the right engine, I don’t just mean the model number. I mean you need to decide between a rebuilt engine or a used engine.

This is where our experts come in. They are trained to listen to you, then ask the right questions so we can sell you what suits you best. Call FordEnginesForSale.com @ 877-630-3873 for more information.

The second generation Crown Vicky [nickname], was brought out in 1998 and made until 2011. Although the car itself went through dramatic changes, Ford used the same 4.6 liter Modular V8 engine. A situation where, why change something that works perfectly.

Another model some people know well is the Crown Victoria Police interceptor. Model CVPI or P71. Both used a hopped up version of the Modular V8 engine. Other performance items were different axle ratios for fast acceleration.

Beginning in 2008, Ford decided to offer the Crown Victoria as a Fleet car only. In fact Ford did little or no advertising for this car after it entered the fleet era.

The favorite replacement engine choices are either a fully rebuilt engine, or a good used engine. We also sell new crate engines to fleet companies because it’s the longest lasting variant, offering outstanding value for the dollar.

As a rule, we sell more rebuilt engies than only others. Because this is such a popular engine, the pricing is very reasonable and every rebuilt engine we offer is fully updated using factory approved updates and carries a peace of mind guarantee to prove it.

I encourage you to call now and find out what total customer service is about. We recommend calling and learning more about each option before you decide. FordEnginesForSale.com @ 877-630-3873.

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