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Ford 4.6L Engines for Sale

Ford 4.6L Engines for Sale | Car Engines for Sale FordFord used its 4.6L modular engine in much of the cars and trucks that were produced from 1991 to 2010. The 2-valve engine is what propelled the Lincoln Town Car and the Crown Victoria into instant popularity. Many of these vehicles are still used by average drivers and city and local governments. This set the pace for the 4.6-liter for the remainder of the 1990s as Ford placed this engine into many vehicles. Thunderbird, Mercury Cougar, Explorer and the Mustang all benefited from the performance and horsepower of the 4.6. We have Ford 4.6L engines for sale in our huge engines inventory. These engines come in 3 types to make it easy to get exactly what you need.

The engines that we sell are easy to understand. We have remanufactured or rebuilt engines. We sell used engines and crate engines. This covers the majority of the engines that are sold on the secondary market. The cost of a new engine is usually way out of the price range of the average person. Doing an engine swap or a Ford engine replacement is much easier with a low priced engine. Because we buy so many Ford 4.6L engines, we have the ability to keep our prices low. We sell to junkyards, mechanics and average people that want a good deal on a great engine.

What About a Warranty for Our 4.6L Engines for Sale?

You asked for a warranty and we deliver. You don’t have to worry about problems happening to our engines, but if a one does happen it’s totally covered. Our remanufactured Ford engines and new crate engines are all built and rebuilt by hand. This means that we put in many hours of hard work changing out parts and adding new ones. We give you the OEM warranty for each part and we warranty the expert mechanical work that we do. This saves you from having to deal with a problem on your own. If we sell you a 4.6L Ford engine, we’ll give you 36-months of warranty support free of charge.

We take care of you every step of the way when you become our customer. When your order is complete, our shipping experts crate and send out your engine by known freight carrier. This eliminates the potential for damage during shipment to your location. Our freight companies arrive to our loading dock several times each day to pick up trailers full of engines routed to destinations in the U.S. and Canada. The Ford engines that we send out will arrive in like new condition when they reach your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about unexpected damage.

Fast Quotes for Ford 4.6L Engines for Sale

When you call us toll free at 1-877-630-3873, we give out price quotes instantly. We make sure that you are informed about every detail of our Ford engines before you are ready to order. We give out our low price by email request too. Just put your information into our Ford engine quote form and we send the information you asked for right to you. Don’t miss our low price, quality engines and excellent customer service. You don’t have to price shop anymore.



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