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C/K/HD Chevy Silverado 3500 Engines For Sale

C/K/HD Chevy Silverado 3500 Engines For Sale

C/K/HD Chevy Silverado 3500 Engines For Sale

Chevy has been making pickups since 1930, the Chevrolet Silverado was officially introduced to the truck line in 1998. Not that the Silverado is a lot different than the standard Chevy pickups, Chevy simply needed a new trim level and model to entice customers looking for fancy and HD all in one truck. Chevy complied with a new truck line, which was designed to directly compete with the growing market of luxurious, yet HD trucks.

FYI: “C” stands for 2 wheel drive: “K” stands for 4 wheel drive: “HD” stands for Heavy Duty. So, if you are searching for C/K/HD Chevy Silverado 3500 Engines For Sale, this may be helpful. The C, and K designations were dropped in the early ’90’s. Call 877-630-3873.

The Silverado is considered a light duty pickup truck, built on the GMT800 platform a variety of V6 engines and V8 engines are available. Chevy makes HD versions, Hybrid models, Vortec High Output/Vortec Max Intimidator Max,  Chevrolet Silverado SS, and Sierra/Denali models derived from this chassis.

The engines offered are:
1. Vortec 4300 V6: 4.3 liters
2. Vortec 4800 V6: 4.8 liters
3. Vortec 5300 V8: 5.3 liters
4. Vortec 6000 V8: 6.0 liters

Vortec is Chevy’s trade name for a family of V8 engines built from 1988 on. The first official Vortec engine was in 1988, the 4.3 liter Vortec V6. Vortex technology is designed to create a vortex inside the combustion chamber, creating a better air/fuel mixture/ratio, and better combustion, horsepower, fuel economy and lifespan.

These are versatile and excellent driving trucks. I own an older model Chevy pickup truck, it’s the best vehicle I have ever owned, if I needed an engine, I would definitely replace it before I bought a new vehicle.

If more weight bearing capacity is needed, perhaps a HD model will suit you better. The HD models offer larger engines for bigger jobs where more power and integrity are needed.

Regardless of which Chevy pickup you may have, we have a replacement engine to suit your needs. ChevyEnginesForSale.com has every variant of every Chevy engine available for sale.

If you are not sure what I mean, then pick up the phone and call one of our specialists and find out more about rebuilt engines, used engines, remanufactured engines and new engines for sale at below cost.

Every engine has a peace of mind warranty to prove our confidence. Call now, see which engine suits your needs. ChevyEnginesForSale.com @ 877-630-3873.

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