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Replacement Mitsubishi Lancer Car Engines

When I was asked to write about Replacement Mitsubishi Lancer Car engines on sale at CarEnginesForSale.com, I found out that the Lancer has been in production since 1973. I didn’t even know Mitsubishi had cars in the US that long ago. That’s kind of a joke, time flies so fast, it doesn’t seem like Japanese […]

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Mitsubishi Diamante Engines for Less

Remember the Mitsubishi Diamante. A stylish Japanese car named using the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian words for diamond. It was made from 1990 to 2005. Designed to meet a needs of luxury car buyers looking for an upper line executive class car model in an inexpensive line of cars. Executive class cars is British terminology […]

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Mitsubishi Engines for Sale

I usually talk about car and light duty truck engines. I bet a lot of people don’t know that Mitsubishi makes other engines than just for cars and light trucks. I want to cover the other Mitsubishi engines for sale in this post. We get requests for other types of Mitsubishi engines sometimes, so I […]

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