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Buy Your Honda K20 Car Engine for Less

Honda introduced the K-series engines in 2001 as a new design to meet the new emission laws and power demands for the next decade and more. Having said that, all are inline four cylinder, four stroke [four cycle] engines using a single aluminum DOHC head [double [2] overhead camshafts].

I will describe the engine and design in a second. I decided to focus on the K20 engine because we get the most inquiries for said engines, so, go make the call to Buy Your Honda K20 Car Engine for Less at CarEnginesForSale.com at our no gimmick, everyday low pricing.

Honda offered the K20 in 6 different versions depending on the car. Some engines used a version of Honda’s i-VTEC [intelligent-variable timing control] and all of them used a coil on plug arrangement, called distributor-less. Eliminating the distributor allows the use of a computer to control the spark and timing.

Choosing the right replacement variant is intimidating to some people. If you have no practical car experience and you need to replace to your car engine than learning something about the subject is power. Knowledge will help you decide on the best engine for your needs, and not get taken advantage of.

Allow me to explain the choices we offer you. Certainly one of them will suit you perfectly. And don’t forget all of our engines are guaranteed to perform exactly how we describe them to, and exceed your expectations.
1. A remanufactured or Rebuilt engine is a great choice and may be the top value we offer. Especially when you consider the trouble free miles it delivers with proper maintenance. These are not considered expensive engines to rebuilt.
2. Used engines with low miles that are picked from a reputable recycler of autos, as opposed to a “junk yard” offer many folks an inexpensive and reliable avenue to get their car on the road. Definitely worth asking about.
3. JDM engines from the Japanese Domestic Market. The best idea is to call and ask on of our knowledgeable staff members. Sometimes a phone call is the best thing.
4. Crate engines, or new engines packed in a crate for shipping. Just like the one you can buy at the dealer for twice as much.

You can see that one of the engine choices will most certainly suit you. My best advise is to call and talk to someone who knows their stuff. I like to call and talk to someone when I purchase something expensive that I may not know very much about. In those cases I want a human being, I don’t want to just click.

At CarEnginesForSale.com we are prepared to answer all of your questions and then get the engine of your choice shipped ASAP. right now for your Honda K20 engine.

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