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Buy Car Engines for All Ford Thunderbirds for Less

The first car engine I ever worked on was in a 1958 Thunderbird. It had a 352 cubic inch V8, a 300 horsepower motor from the FE family of Ford engines. Compared to the newest Ford Thunderbird, it’s safe to call the old FE engine family ‘boat anchors’ as opposed to the fine tuned light weight engines of today. One thing you can’t get from a small fine tuned engine is raw torque, and the FE engines had it in abundance.

Regardless of what generation T-Bird you own, replacement engines are our specialty. You can Buy Car Engines for All Ford Thunderbirds for Less at CarEnginesForSale.com. 877-630-3873.

The last generation T Bird was made from 2002 to 2005, the 11th generation. It’s supposed to be a modern day version of the 55 to 57 T-Birds that had such an impact on the car world. Of course it uses a modern engine called the AJ35. Even though the engines used in 1955 were very modern that time.

The AJ-35 engine is made by Jaguar and was used in several Ford products including the T-Bird and Lincoln LS. Being a V8 design and 3.9 liters in size, it is made out of aluminum and uses a DOHC [double overhead camshaft] cylinder head arrangement. It made 252 horsepower in the 2002 models, and was upped to 280 horsepower in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

When you compare the horsepower from a modern day light weight aluminum 3.9 liter engine to that of a heavy cast iron 352 cubic inch’er, it’s interesting to note both engine put out almost the same power. That is a testimonial for modern day technology. The only thing a small cubic inch engine can’t do is make the same torque a big cubic inch engine can.

The largest engine ever used in a T-Bird was between 1972 and 1976. The sixth generation models used a 460 cubic inch monster motor. At 7.5 liters [460 cubic inches] it was the biggest displacement engine used in a production Ford car ever.

With so many engine choices, from the first T-Bird on, it can become confusing deciding on which engine is in your car, and then what option is in your best interests. Replacing an engine is expensive, so it only makes sense to buy the best replacement from a rock solid company.

Call us up now and let one of my representatives explain how the best replacement engines always save big money, and cost less in the long run. We can explain everything about rebuilt engines, remanufactured engines, used engines and new crate engines. We even have your vintage Thunderbird covered. Call CarEnginesForSale.com now.

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