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Buy Your 2008 and up J300 Chevrolet Cruze Engines

The Cruze, was originally introduced as a subcompact car in 2001, but not in America. The Chevy Cruze, model J300 as we know it now was just brought out by Chevy in 2008. The cars are totally unrelated, as the original one was made by Suzuki.

The fact that they are unrelated does not mean we don’t carry engines for both models. For this who own a newer model, have had an unwarranted engine failure, you can Buy Your 2008 and up J300 Chevrolet Cruze Engines for less right now. Call CarEnginesForSale.com now.

Built on the the GM Delta 11 platform, it’s a front wheel drive car with several engines available. It’s a cool suspension setup. Although this is an engine post, this platform has some unusual qualities. It features a torsion bar rear suspension with an optional Watt’s link, which improves vehicle handling, designed by Opel in Germany.

Here is a lineup of each engine and a brief description. Engines fitted to the Cruze are from the 1.6-liter Family 1 inline-four, a 1.8-liter version of the same, and a 2.0-liter VM Motori VCDi turbocharged common rail diesel.

1. The 1.6 liter Ecotec engine is coded LXV and is the base engine offered. It uses variable valve timing to achieve full economy and performance. Ecotec is a family of modern GM engines.
2. The 1.8 liter Ecotec motor uses DCVCP technology [Double Continuous Variable Cam Phrasing]. Manufactured in Germany.
3. A 2.0 liter Diesel engine with four valves per cylinder and common rail fuel injection.

Although an engine failure would be a terrible shock for a newer car, things other than flat out wearing your engine out occur, and engines have failures. Most of these type of failures, unwarrantable ones, are due to driver error, or not paying attention to the gauges or idiot lights.

One of the best solutions for such a new car is one of our certified perfect, low mileage, used engines. Based on the fact that the car has only been on the market for about 4 years, low mileage engines are available from the finest recycling yards to suppliers like CarEnginesForSale.com.

Of course this is only one solution. We offer fully rebuilt engines, brand new crate engines that cost 40 percent less than the dealer and used engines pre operated in the donor car for perfect performance.

Because we offer you a choice in replacement options, I fully recommend calling and talking to a sales representative who can help you decide which variant suits you the best. Our job is to treat you fair, provide the right amount of education, and show you how good our customer service is. Call CarEnginesForSale.com now.

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