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Ford Car Engines | Engines for Ford Cars

Ford Car Engines

Ford car engines have outlasted many competing engines. The 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder motors that Ford produces have remained in use for decades. Many of the car owners that purchase vehicles do so because of the history and stability of the engines. Ford is known for its reliability in the U.S., Canada and the rest […]

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Chevy Blazer 4.3L Engines

Chevy Blazer was originally created in 1982 and sold in the 1983 year. This SUV competed with the Ford Bronco and lived a long life until the mid 2000s. The early 1990s brought improvements to the Blazer. A newer V6 engine was the most significant. The new Vortec technology was now in use by GM. […]

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Mercury Cougar Engine

Mercury Cougar Engines

Mercury Cougar was a Ford Motor Company standard for 35 years. It was first issued during the 1967 year. The Cougar started out competing with the muscle car era Mustangs and quickly transformed into a more luxury car style during the ’70s and ’80s. The Cougar is beloved worldwide and many of these vehicles are […]

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Oldsmobile Bravada Engines for Sale

Oldsmobile Bravada Engines for Sale

Oldsmobile Bravada was a 3-generation luxury SUV produced entirely by General Motors. Oldsmobile was the brand that received the acclaim for this vehicle. The Bravada gave customers what they didn’t get from the S10 Blazer and GMC Jimmy models. Part of the features were the 4WD and the 4.3L Vortec engine. This engine gave over […]

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Plymouth Car Engines for Sale | Rebuilt Engines

Plymouth Car Engines for Sale

Plymouth cars are some of the most reliable that were ever produced by Chrysler. While these cars look great, what makes them perform well is the quality of the 4-cylinder engines that were inside of them. Chrysler has one of the best engineering plants in the world and there would not be many cars and […]

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Chevy Alero Car Engines for Sale | Rebuilt Chevy Engines

Chevy Alero Car Engines for Sale

Chevy Alero was produced by General Motors and was sold under the Oldsmobile brand name. Although Chevy and Oldsmobile nameplates were used, these cars were identical and produced for 6 years. The 4-cylinder and a larger V6 engine was used in some models and we have all of them in stock now. You can buy […]

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Pontiac Sunbird Car Engines for Sale | Used GM Engines

Pontiac Sunbird Car Engines for Sale

Pontiac Sunbird is just as famous as the Trans Am and other famous GM cars. The Sunbird was produced exclusively by General Motors for over 20 years. The early designs that copied the Trans Am were quickly changed in the early 1980s to capture a sportier crowd. The 2.5L Iron Duke and 3.1L V6 were […]

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Chevy Aveo Ecotec Car Engines for Sale | Rebuilt Engines

Chevy Aveo Ecotec Car Engines for Sale

Chevy Aveo might not receive the attention as other Chevy models, but GM designed this compact car to compete with Ford and Dodge. The Aveo and its Ecotec engine are a perfect pairing of fuel economy and stylish exterior. What we sell here are genuine GM engines like our Chevy Aveo Ecotec car engines for […]

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Mercury Sable 3.8L Car Engines for Sale | Car Engines Cheap

Mercury Sable 3.8L Car Engines for Sale

If you didn’t own a Taurus, the chances of you owning a Mercury Sable were pretty good. That was them mindset of many Ford automobile owners in the late ’80s and mid ’90s. Ford was the pioneer of V6 engines being placed in passenger cars and got away from using its famed 4-cylinder. The increase […]

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Buick Skylark Engines for Sale | Rebuilt GM Engines

Buick Skylark Engines for Sale

Buick Skylark was one of the oldest vehicles that GM had in its inventory. The Skylark was introduced in 1953 and made it all the way until 1997. The public faith in this vehicle has been unmatched by our automakers. The power of the engine is what kept the Skylark in the hearts and minds […]

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