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7.3 Powerstroke Performance

7.3 Powerstroke Performance | Car Engines for SaleThe Ford 7.3 is the most successful performance diesel that Ford Motor Company has produced. This engine was first produced in more than one displacement, but it is the 7.3 that has become the most sought after by diesel engine drivers. Up to 275 horsepower is put into every one of these engines and we have the 7.3 Powerstroke performance engines in stock ready to ship fast. We have several versions of the 7.3 in stock depending on which version you need. We have new, used, rebuilt and crate Ford engines for sale. At carenginesforsale.com, we take care of you as our customer and make sure that you are happy.

Regardless of what engine type that you choose, you will find that our engines are all high quality. We spare no expense when putting our hard work into acquiring an engine or rebuilding one. Our customers deserve to have the best and we feel that we give them the best. It can be a jungle out there when buying an engine online and we make the process extremely easy. Part of success has been earned with our low prices. We buy in huge shipments to make sure that we always have the lowest price. The cost savings are put into every one of our 7.3 Powerstroke performance engines.

Buy Our 7.3 Powerstroke Engines with a Warranty

We have a low warranty service rate for engines that we sell. We have been known to fix a sporadic problem or two through the years, but on average less than 5 percent of engines that we sell ever have to be issued a claim for warranty. This is great news for us and for our customers. Every Ford 7.3L Powerstroke diesel that we sell is overhauled and inspected before we even put one in our massive inventory. This includes checking them out when they are purchased as pullouts or overstock from Ford. Every engine is dyno tested with a computer to make sure the oil combustion is correct, leaks are not present and all other parts are in original Ford quality.

The quality of our engines does not only include a low price and a warranty. The next thing that every customer receives is fast shipping. We have long-term contracts with known shipping companies to handle every engine that we ship. Not only are 7.3 diesels shipped safely, they are wrapped accurately and crated to make sure they are 100 percent safe during shipment. We built our company reputation by shipping low priced engines on the same day ordered. We deliver fast to make our customers happy. That’s what engine dealers are supposed to do right?

Instant 7.3 Powerstroke Performance Engine Quotes

1-877-630-3837 is our toll free number to call. Contact us and get your quote delivered instantly. Our entire staff are trained Ford engine experts. You are not dealing with a secretary or call center. We take your call, look up your engine and give you a price fast. We also deliver rapid online quotes. Tell us what you need by completing the engine quote form on this page. Our experts email your price super fast. You won’t believe how low our diesel engines are priced.




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We are constantly adding engines and information. If you do not see the engine you are looking for, call us.