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Ford Triton Modular V10 Truck Engines for Sale

Ford Triton V10 Modular V10 Truck Engines for Sale

Ford Triton V10 Modular V10 Truck Engines for Sale

Here is a Ford engine with 10 cylinders. Introduced by Ford in 1996 when they stepped into the world of heavy duty, heavy hauling  gasoline engines.  Having 6.8 liters of displacement [418 cubic inches] it is a V10 cylinder engine with 2 valves per cylinder until 2005 when they started using 3 valves per cylinder in the Triton Version.

All Ford Triton Modular V10 Truck Engines for Sale at FordEnginesForSale.com come with an iron clad, peace of mind warranty and are ready for immediate delivery upon order completion. 877-630-3873.

In 2005,  new updates and design changes delivered an impressive 362 horsepower and amazing 457 ft. pounds of torque. [torque is usually  a better measurement of an engines hauling power] The engines were used mostly in motor homes, it is capable of towing up to 20,000 pounds GVW [gross vehicle weight]. It has very little competition in the field of commercial grade gasoline engines.

The engine uses a SOHC [single overhead camshaft] head design with 2 intake valves and one exhaust valve per cylinder. Some of the features which make this an outstanding heavy duty long life engine are:
1. Electronic throttle control [ECT. Also called drive by wire. making use of sensors as opposed to a mechanical linkage to the throttle. Providing seamless power delivery.
2. SOHC engines provide an advanced level of control over the fule injection system for precise metering of the fuel and improved fuel economy.
3. Deep skirt forged pistons are used to withstand the torque demands put on engines of this nature with no adverse affects.
4. Uses a split crank with 72 degree intervals between firing, and a balance shaft to absorb vibrations inherent to a 90 degree V10.

Remanufactured engines include:
New pistons, new piston pins, new oil pump kit, new valves, new bushings, new valve guides, new cam bearings, new lifters, new piston rings, new valve seals, superior grade gaskets, improved design rear engine seal, new rod bearings, new main bearings, new timing gears and chain, new push rods, new freeze plugs and new camshafts.

You may say that a remanufactured engine of such caliber is gong to be expensive, that’s where you made your first mistake, if you assume this is an expensive option. Let me explain this in understandable terms. No matter what the dollar figure is on this engine, and you need to call FordEnginesForSale.com @ 877-630-3873 to get a price, this is the most affordable solution on the market.

The reason is simple. Especially for commercial purposes, but I think it applies to people who haul different loads than a commercial vehicle, like kids, or valuable cargo’s or deliveries that are not alive. The bottom line is nothing beats a high quality remanufactured engine that not only makes it through it’s warranty period trouble free, but outlasts the original engine.

How can we do that, simply put, we use better than factory parts when we can, we also incorporate every approved update in every fresh engine for sale. To get the lowdown and exact year and model replacement Triton V10 engine, call now and experience our world class customer service, with your free price quote. 877-630-3873.

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